China Top Quality Resistance Furnace

China Top Quality Resistance Furnace

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CZPT instruction :
Medium-temperature resistance furnace (vehicle-kind) is vitality-conserving kind,circle operating furnace.
Tremendous vitality-conserving composition,composite fiber wall,alumina silicate fibre as thermal insulation material,
exceptional producing higher aluminium magnetic nail to stop furnace fall,
the door with brick in opposition to the workpiece hiting,computerized seal auto&doorway,integration link of rail. 

No need to have foundation for installation, just place it on the flat ground.

It is mostly employed for normalizing,quenching,annealing,getting older of weld assembly,
chromium,Substantial Manganese Metal Casting,Gray Iron Castings,nodular iron casting,roller,
metal ball,hammerhead of the crusher,chute liners. And warmth remedy for vehicle areas ,machine elements ect.

Complete fiber resistance furnace : 3 circle and top inside of are all fiber module.
Both sides heating factor arefar infrared resistance tape.
Heating component materials is worldwide OCr21AL6Nb,optimum service temperature is 1200ºC.
Energy conservation 15% than previous variety insulating brick,
and temperature rising pace twenty% more quickly than previous model.

Main parameters: just as sample :

Rated power : 315 KW
Rated current : 500A
Nominal voltage : 380V
Temperature rating: 850ºC
Heating zone: 3 
Heating element connection: 3Y , 3 phase
Size of furnace chamber  4000X2000X2000mm
Outer size (include the rail): 10000X3100X2850mm
No-load loss power: 90KW
Maximum loading capacity : 15000kg
No-load heating up time : ≤2.5h
Heating method : electric ,resistance tape heating
Furnace temperature uniformity : ≤±5ºC
Surface temperature for furnace shell: ≤30ºC
Trolley in&out : by cycloidal pin gear speed reducer
No-load loss consume: ≤15%
Method for temperature control: PID system

 Consist of whole machine :

Furnace body,doorway,trolley,open up&close system of door,Trolley traveling mechanism,heating element,temperature control system&temperature record ect.

Furnace body: is completely made by international angle iron,wire welding,smooth,no air hole,no slag,no crack.
Furnace chamber : thermal insulation by Zirconium aluminum type ceramic fiber blanket. The weight is 1/20 of refractory brick old design,and save energy 25~30%.

The hang method is most advanced High alumina insulating magnetic nail fixation. Which is small energy consumption,fast cooling,fast warming,energy conservation and environment protection,Non-defrmation for the body.
The door is controlled by transmission chain,roll up and down. 

The trolley is installed with Chromium manganese nitrogen heat resistant steel,so oxide skin of workpiece can not demage the heating elements. The reducer drive chain wheel,and moving speed :6~8m/min

CZPT temperature control system: PID system,matching TCW-32A power trigger,alarm system,safety system,each heating section can be set and shown.

China Top Quality Resistance Furnace